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Alan and Amanda Halbrooks in Papua New Guinea


  Guess what….another Halbrooks is on it’s way! He/she is due in August! We’ll keep you posted as it gets closer. Please pray for good health for Amanda as it’s … Continue reading

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Correspondence 101

During our last school break, I got an opportunity to do some teaching of a different sort. At the far end of Ukarumpa is our Training Centre – the hub … Continue reading

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Finn’s Friends

Finn has friends. He has started to show interest in playing with other kids. This is such a fun stage for us! He has recently played with a few other … Continue reading

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It’s been a long mango season and my heart is happy! I don’t think I have ever had this many good mangoes in PNG before. The three of us have … Continue reading

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The Birthday Boy!

Our baby is 1 year old! How did this happen? My foggy memories of his newborn self seem so recent. A year ago today, August 29, was his due date. … Continue reading

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Rookie Cooking

In an effort to entertain the teens on centre during school break we often try to create fun group events. Sometimes they involve a hodgepodge of sports but this break … Continue reading

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Our Visitors

In June we were blessed with a visit from Alan’s mom and dad. Before coming to Papua New Guinea they decided it would be fun to vacation in Fiji. They … Continue reading

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Baby Finn

Baby Finn, as he is affectionately called here, is growing fast! Today he turns 9 months. He is a busy and social little guy, always wanting to be where the … Continue reading

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Scripture Checking

I have recently been given the honor of helping check the Baruga New Testament. The Farr family has been working on this translation for quite a long time. My friend, … Continue reading

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Six Years in PNG

Six year ago today (January 24, 2011) I set foot in Papua New Guinea as a missionary teacher. Although I had been here before as a teen this was a … Continue reading

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As a kid, home was a pretty simple concept.  I (Alan) grew up in the same house for 18 years, spent my time with the same people most of those, … Continue reading

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My Home

Last night, upon returning from a trip to Huntsville, I checked the mail to find this: Confused, I quickly opened it to see what it was all about (if I … Continue reading

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