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Alan and Amanda Halbrooks in Papua New Guinea

Rookie Cooking

In an effort to entertain the teens on centre during school break we often try to create fun group events. Sometimes they involve a hodgepodge of sports but this break … Continue reading

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Our Visitors

In June we were blessed with a visit from Alan’s mom and dad. Before coming to Papua New Guinea they decided it would be fun to vacation in Fiji. They … Continue reading

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Baby Finn

Baby Finn, as he is affectionately called here, is growing fast! Today he turns 9 months. He is a busy and social little guy, always wanting to be where the … Continue reading

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Scripture Checking

I have recently been given the honor of helping check the Baruga New Testament. The Farr family has been working on this translation for quite a long time. My friend, … Continue reading

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Six Years in PNG

Six year ago today (January 24, 2011) I set foot in Papua New Guinea as a missionary teacher. Although I had been here before as a teen this was a … Continue reading

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As a kid, home was a pretty simple concept.¬† I (Alan) grew up in the same house for 18 years, spent my time with the same people most of those, … Continue reading

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My Home

Last night, upon returning from a trip to Huntsville, I checked the mail to find this: Confused, I quickly opened it to see what it was all about (if I … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of Finn

We are officially parents! On Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 7:08pm Finn Martin Halbrooks was born. He has been a huge blessing to us ever since. Our lives have changed … Continue reading

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The Return Journey

We’re on our way! The house is clean. Everything is packed. Our flight left Friday¬†morning at 8 am. We stood in the foggy airport all bundled in jackets waiting for … Continue reading

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Farewell to Teaching

After 9 years of teaching I say my farewell. My third grade class celebrated the last day of school with an afternoon at the homemade water slide. I taught this … Continue reading

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News (!)

In case you missed the announcement – we’re expecting! Here’s our little one’s heartbeat: (click here if the file doesn’t load) The due date is the end of August – … Continue reading

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The things we have to do

So…I made this today. Do you ever wonder why missionaries get teary eyed with happiness in their home countries? This is why. We do what we gotta to.

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