Safe and Sound

Well, folks – I made it. And now, with my computer back in my possession (it was dropped off at the ol’ communications office when I arrived), I have more than enough stories and information to fill this blog to the brim. But where to begin?

For starters, let’s get you acquainted with the place. This is Papua New Guinea (affectionately name PNG hereafter) from the co-pilot seat of the lovely plane (also pictured below) that flew us from the coast to the Highlands:

This, as the Peregrine Falcon would see it, is Ukarumpa:

A lovely place, to be sure, from sky and land alike.

And finally, my goodly home – just from the inside for now. Outside pictures will come in due time, have no fear. Here’s my desk:

And the den:

In the few days that I’ve been here, I discovered that I’ve moved into (dare I say) luxury here in Ukarumpa. To have a house with two bathrooms, a bed with a real mattress, a grill, a huge den (not to mention the board games in the closets, and an even larger back yard and patio) – is not typical of Ukarumpa living. So you know, I’m renting the house from a family that’s away for the next year – and it’s more than I could have ever asked for.

Of course, that’s only the beginning. I haven’t begun to tell you about the school (conveniently located just across the street), the market (sporting every fruit and vegetable you could want), the foreboding barbed-wire fence (actually, it’s not foreboding at all), or the warm and loving spirit of hospitality that permeates this place.

But now I’m getting ahead of myself. More to come!

8 thoughts on “Safe and Sound

  1. What a great den area with an opening like you like thru to the kitchen:). More! More! I want to know more:)! Love, Ma

  2. Uncle Allan!!!!! Haha it’s so great to here you’re there safely, it’s also great to have encouragement about PNG. We’ve got a couple months left until takeoff (well that’s an understatement, I’m just calling it a few to make it seem shorter :)
    Congratulations and thank God for your safe trip!
    Love the Tapp Family!

  3. Ha! Great to hear from you. I can’t wait till you goodfolk arrive – by then I’ll be able to prepare a proper Ukarumpa feast for you.

  4. Can you point out your house and the school and the market in the third picture (view from the plane), or do you not have editing software?


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