(3) I didn’t snag a picture of this one (for obvious reasons), but on my next-to-last leg of the journey to PNG, my in-flight meal came fully prepared with a live bug.  It was miniscule, but no less horrifying.  Especially considering the fact that it emerged from beneath the decorative lettuce afterI’d enjoyed the near entirety of my Chicken Scraps with Noodles.  Not knowing what to do, I simply put the clear lid back on the tray and watched the critter march rampantly about.

Being fully aware that some are given to screaming at the sight of such creatures, I eventually took it upon myself to smash the poor thing several miles above sea-level.

Let that be a lesson to you all.

(4) Home.  Yes, I do miss it.  Especially these folks:

That’s my family (minus my two wondrous sister-in-laws), by the way – in Russian doll form, thanks to the artistic abilities of my closest of kin.  Today marks exactly a week since I’ve been gone, and as good as the kind folks here have been to me, it will be hard (close to impossible, I’d say) to match the crew I’ve left behind on the other side of the pond.

Friends, family, students, even good ol’ Higgins-the-Dog – I do wish you could be here with me.

6 thoughts on “(Continued…)

  1. Dear Alan, We are enjoying reading your posts. Your details help us to understand your present circumstances and therefore, we are able to pray more effectively for you. Thank you for taking the time to write. We love you very much. Uncle Larry and Christine

  2. We miss you muchly, too, of course…and Higgins says he is happy to be mentioned in a blog, although he’s not quite sure what a blog is:)

  3. 3) duly noted
    4) likewise, likewise.

    (and ol’ Higgs boson isn’t quite sure what the word “depressed” is either, according to Austin…)

  4. Don’t worry, I will be sending you two (2) Russian dolls resembling a small Whitney and a small Haynes. I am, though, having a hard time deciding where in the line these 2 dolls should fit in. I don’t want to offend Hig, but surely we shouldn’t be pea-sized?!


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