A Stretch of the Legs

Ah, the great outdoors.  So far I haven’t shown you what walking about the village looks like from the pedestrian’s perspective, so I figure now is high time to do so.  If you walk out of my front door, lock the door behind you, stroll down the sidewalk and turn left when you reach the street, here’s the spittin’ image of what you’ll see:

Not bad, huh?  The roads are all dirt here, yes.  And when it rains all night (like it did last night), the roads are all mud here.  But today was a clear day – a sunny day – and by noon all the roads were back to hard-packed dirt.

If you take a stroll up the hill (the whole village, from the moment you enter it, slants upward) during the gloaming, you’ll come to sights such as this:

And this:

Which is good enough reason (I think) to take a stroll up the hill, well, every evening.

Tomorrow is our first day of school – so do be in prayer as my students and I embark on a year’s worth of work together.

8 thoughts on “A Stretch of the Legs

  1. It is SO BEAUTIFUL there, Alan! Thanks so much for all of the pics! Looks like a delightful place with great views! Hope your first day of school went well! Love, Haynes

  2. mmM! Wondrous indeed. In a strange way, it’s kinda like another part of the world’s Rugby. Have a good first day o school! And as Pa would never fail to note: you only get one chance to make a first impression. ha!

  3. Wish Higgins and I could take a walk with you; it looks wonderful:) Prayers for you always.

  4. The village looks amazing! Is that a big mountain in the background of the third picture or is that a cloud?

  5. It is, in fact, a big mountain. Pretty much every direction you look here there are mountains – I’ll try and take some more pictures to give you the panoramic view – you’d love it here… except, of course, for the threat of cannibalism. :)

  6. The town is so quaint and rural looking, that I must agree with ben; it looks sorta like Rugby did the first time I saw it nearly forty years ago! Love you.

  7. Land stretching out so far and wide…. Keep Port Moresby, just give me that countryside!


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