The First Day

Where else, on the first day of school, can you sit at your window and watch students (your students) stream out of their houses while you put the finishing touches on the day’s lesson?  ‘Twas a welcome sight.  And despite the fact that today was the rainiest and wettest day yet, it was also the best yet.

Why?  Because now, after a week’s worth of getting situation, I’m doing what I’m here to do.  At present, I’m teaching the 9th and 10th grade high school English classes, which promise to be a great deal of fun.  There’s a chance that next week I’ll be able to take up a semester-long Creative Writing class as well, but right now there are some scheduling difficulties.  For sure, they’ve said, I’ll be able to teach that next semester… and quite possibly a web-design course as well (which is all very exciting).  That puts me right at 30 students presently, which is admittedly light for what I’m used to, but I’m also used to only teaching two days a week.  The good news is that the longer I’m here, the more classes I’ll be able to take on, and in the meantime I get to focus (all the more) on the 30 students I have.

So, without any more ado – here’s my classroom:

Wondrous, eh?  And that’s right – I have a chalkboard, not a lame, mess-free whiteboard that requires the use of erasable markers – No(!) – but a real, authentic chalkboard.  Truth be told, I don’t really have anything against whiteboards, but (for now at least) I am genuinely excited about using the colored chalk on green.

The picture, by the way, was taken just before we rearranged the desks into a square – a necessity for class with “Mr. H”…  Which brings up another point.  As of today, I am now “Mr. H” again (or “Professor Plum” to the few who prefer it).

Today’s schedule was abbreviated to accommodate the welcome-back assembly this morn’, so class was a mere 30 minutes long.  That, so you know, was just enough time to introduce myself to the student-folk and let them ask me a few questions.  My favorite, which begins to explain the odd fascination with my presence, was this:

“Mr. H – how many other male English teachers do you know?”

7 thoughts on “The First Day

  1. Love the wooden floor, the chalkboard, and the big window…lovely, lovely…can imagine your excitement:)

  2. I actually woke up at 3:30 this morning, wondering if you had yet posted how your first day went. Your pic of the classroom reminded me that when I was in elementary, our last chores of the school day were to wipe down the (black) chalkboard with water so it was fresh for the next day and to put our chairs up on the desk, so the janitor could mop the floor. I don’t think that is done anymore these days. A walk thru memory lane for me.
    Although a getting settled time is necessary, I am sure you are excited about finally getting down to business. I have added some of your pics to my screen saver slide show and every time one pops up, not only is it neat to look at, but it also reminds me to say a quick prayer for you.
    We ARE praying for your well being, both physical and emotional, and that God uses you in a powerful way in your students lives.
    Loving the posts. thanks.
    Much love. Uncle Larry and Christine

  3. Wondrous! Glad to hear Professor Plum is doing what he was meant to do in the Papuas rather than solving some shady case involving a revolver.

    In retrospect, several of my most prized teachers were both male and English (teachers of, that is – though one was, in fact, English). But generating an odd fascination with your presence is, I’m sure, almost always a good thing.

  4. Great looking classroom and so modern looking, too. Don’t expect you will be able to keep it that neat all year though, it really needs some input from the kids! We are so very proud of you and you are constantly in our prayers both here at home and with our church family. Hope you will stay well and safe. I suppose you took enough shots to keep you well! LOL


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