What Now? What Next?

So far, it has been my exclusive practice to tell you about the things I’m interested in here in the Papuas.  Now (or at least for the rest of this week) I’m turning it over to you.  What do you fine folks want to hear about?

The weather?

Australian Monopoly?


What I’m teaching the younguns?

What we do with our trash? (Riveting, I know…)

The flora and the fauna?

What we do in our spare time? (Or, in this case, why in tarnation is Peanut Butter in this picture?)

Or something altogether different?

Do let me know, and be of good cheer!

7 thoughts on “What Now? What Next?

  1. Have you gone to the Tok Pisin church service yet? I would also love to hear about any of the above topics! :) That is awesome about getting to teach the Creative Writing class!

  2. Are you liking the curriculum they are having you follow? Is it quite different than what you have been teaching?

  3. It’s been fun reading your posts every day! I’m sure you’ll cover all of these topics, but I am really wondering about what peanut butter has to do with party games so I vote for that one!

  4. I agree with Sue’s question; the Go Go Cola is pretty cool…..Whitechapel Road (is that 60 pounds or $60)? No Herpetological report yet? Are you having any communications/translation/accent issues with any of your students? Have you discovered any mundane items that you miss from home that you possibly had taken for granted? Anything in particular that we could send you in a CARE package? Have you shaved yet or are you still going with the Charles Manson look?What is the earliest you could met us in Cairnes in December? How about the 10th? 11th? or 12th?

  5. Wow. The inquisition is upon me… :)

    The questions I can answer in a sentence:

    1. I haven’t been to the Tok Pisin service yet… but once I have some of the basics down, I’ll give it a shot and provide the full report.

    2. Go Go Cola is my favorite so far – and if I can find the means, some cans will definitely make their way back to the States.

    3. Whitechapel Road, you’ll be happy to know, is 60 Australian Dollars.

    4. My students all speak wondrous English, but they’re all on different writing levels.

    5. I have not, as of yet, shaved.

    The rest I shall save for more posts – thanks for all the good questions,
    Alan T.

  6. hahaha, Alan, i just read this one and laughed when you mentioned peanut butter. I automatically thought about Gwennie’s first word!


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