Other Folks, Other Stories

Should you be interested, here are some other blogs and stories from other folks I work with here in Ukarumpa.

The first is an audio clip from Bob – a fellow teacher here at Ukarumpa International School – telling the story of how he became involved with Wycliffe.  An older gentleman with a great deal of spunk, he’s one of the few other single guys around these parts.  Here’s his story (starting about halfway through his life) :

The next three are blogs – one from Leah, who started the same time I did (she’s from Texas and resents the fact that she’s lost her southern accent). The next from Andrew, who’s been here for a good decade or so (he’s the one who’s kid was chatting it up with the ants). And the third is from the Young family, who’s still in the support raising process and hoping to make it over here by January (we became fast friends at training in Dallas).

So without further ado, here’s Leah’s blog.  And Andrew’s blog.  And Matt and Laura’s blog.

But of course I can’t just leave you with that.  Whitney D. and that good brother of mine have a blog now, too (!).  It’s called (for reasons I shall leave them to explain) Look at that Sky, and is more than worth your time.

4 thoughts on “Other Folks, Other Stories

  1. Thanks for the links to the other blogs! It is very interesting, entertaining and enlightening to read other viewpoints on PNG. Of course, Look at that Sky was hilarious, but what else would you expect from Ben & Whitney?

  2. Dad just likes B and W’s blog because HE was the star in their latest entry:) I, myself, am not so pleased to get the link from you before I get it from the “sky” couple, themselves.

  3. Finally caught up! Glad to hear there are five adventuresome souls willing to unlock their creative potential. Looking forward to reading more.


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