The UkaWeb

Here in Ukarumpa, we don’t just have the internet, we have the UkaWeb.

And what, you will ask, is the UkaWeb?  Mere words cannot describe its immensities, mere photos will do nothing but make you jealous.  But, as it is, that is all I have for you: words and photos, photos and words.  In fact, there’s just one photo:

Among other things, the UkaWeb is home to countless forums – from school homework (which, as I’ve learned, the parents check but not the students) to cooking tips, from upcoming events in town to requests for graphing calculators.

But that is only the beginning (and probably the middle, if you’re really counting) of all the things the UkaWeb has to offer.  My favorite though is, without question, the UkaShop.  The UkaShop is sort of like eBay without the bidding or Craigslist without the spam (which is to say that the UkaShop is really nothing like either).  People put up items they don’t want any more (you’d be surprised – I saw a posting for men’s undergarments go up last week) or food they’ve cooked (sometimes you’ll even find live chickens for sale).

All the prices I’ve seen so far have been more than reasonable, except the thing I really wanted, which was a bike.  The going rate right now is apparently 600 kina (humbug.).  But (!) I did get an electric griddle for 35 kina (that’s about $18) and an old camcorder for 50 kina.  Everything is used, of course (including the undergarments, presumably), but that’s what we’re used to here, so we’re all good with it.

O, good – someone just posted on the “How to grow an avocado tree” thread.  That’s my cue to call it a night.

2 thoughts on “The UkaWeb

  1. Maybe you could sell enough cookie dough to purchase the bike…haha:) Ask your students; I bet one of them might have an extra one around. Love.


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