By Way of Mail

Just outside my front door and two-hundred and thirty-two steps down the road is the Ukarumpa Post Office.  It’s a quaint little place, and the folks who work inside are as friendly as can be.  One of them teaches me a new Tok Pisin phrase every time I step in the door.  We have PO Boxes here at Ukarumpa instead of mailboxes, since we certainly don’t get anything like daily mail in these parts.  Mine is on the top row, so I have to stand on my toes to see if anything’s come in.

They say we should estimate anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks for mail to travel from the States to the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.  Part of the reason is that our planes only fly in and out of Ukarumpa on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays – and the mail that comes in through Port Moresby can only get here on days when there’s room onboard for such.

All that to say… if you’ve sent me something and I haven’t thanked you, it means it just hasn’t jolly well arrived yet.  Don’t let that discourage you though – a note in hand is worth thirty in the bush.  And if you write me, you have my guarantee that I’ll write you back (though the season may have changed by the time you get it).

Some of you kind folks have offered to send care packages, and have requested my suggestions.  If you’re not one of those folks, fear not (!) – this is not a ploy to make you feel guilty and send me the first-fruits of your labor.  Far be it from me.

But if you are, or you simply want to know, I figured a post about the post would be a fine place to give you my current list:

Assorted Black Teas (especially Lady Grey, if it can be found)
Mason Jars
Uno Cards or other Small Board / Card Games
Spiral Notebooks – College Rule
A Oil or Watercolor Paint Set
Sunscreen (with high SPF)
Collared Shirts – Polo-style, Medium (not to be confused with Collard Greens)
Lasagna Noodles
Real Vanilla Extract
A Pie Pan
Icing Tips (the metal sort, for decorating cakes)
Powdered Sugar
An Omelette-sized Frying Pan
A bicycle  :)

And surprises, of course, are most welcome

If you live in the ‘Ham, you can steal some of these books and movies from my bookshelves (talk to that brother of mine) to send hither:

Bird by Bird (book)
Amusing Ourselves to Death (book)
The Yearling (book)
The Chronicles of Harris Burdick (book)
What’s Up Doc (film)
The Magician’s Elephant (book)
The Grace Effect (book)

What not to pack:

Beef Crackers

12 thoughts on “By Way of Mail

  1. I would, also, suggest that whoever sends something on your list, to post it here. That way you won’t be bombarded with, say, 5 or 6 omelette-sized frying pans:) Love.

  2. Thank you, thank you, kind folks!

    As for the omelette pans, who says 5 or 6 is too many? I can always make wall-decorations out of them. :)

  3. Is P.O Box 283 Tok Pisin for P.O. Box 191? This might explain your lack of mail at this point…….

  4. From your stuffs: lady grey tea, mason jars, collared shirts, books: The Yearling, The Grace Effect, The Chronicles of H B, DVDs: Doc and Arsenic, and from us: sunscreen and SURPRISES:) Love.

  5. i can picture you counting the steps to the post office. You are sure full of clever ideas. Enjoy the little things of life you say.


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