I’ve Been Taped (!)

They say it’s a tradition in Ukarumpa for students to go video taping teachers’ houses in the dead of night.  They say it’s more fun and less messy than toilet paper (and here, I believe, cheaper too).

They say it’s a sign of affection – if you get taped, that means they like you (ha!).

They say the perpetrators will clean up the mess the next day.

…They say.

But so far, the only people who have cleaned up are my neighbors – who are lots of fun and very easily distracted:

6 thoughts on “I’ve Been Taped (!)

  1. Awwww, well it looks like you are well loved…And the little girls are too cute and fun!…and, okay, now I know what to do with all our old VHS tapes:)

  2. Looks like ol’ Shelob’s been ‘avin a bit of fun.

    The Warthog, they say, was unstoppable.


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