The Flagon with the Dragon

In preparation for an upcoming Sports Tournament, this week is Spirit Week at the high school.  When I was a high-school student, you should know, I never supported the idea of “school-spirit.” To me, it always felt like a ploy to promote artificial patriotism.  And to make things worse, our scandalous dance team (and yes, they were scandalous) always managed to show up at the pep-rallys.  Either way, I’m happy to say that no such feelings have followed me here (in part, I should mention, because we do not have a scandalous dance team here).

And today was “Come as Everything but Yourself” day.  The phrasing, I admit, was a bit confusing – and the English department decided to take off three points for word choice as soon as we heard the announcement – but it essentially allowed us to come as anyone or anything we jolly well pleased.

After attempting to create a costume involving everything from a coat of wool to an eskimo hat, I gave up on the idea and invaded the school prop-room.  There, I found just what I needed to become a Court Jester.

With ukulele in hand, I found a stump in the middle of the school grounds, sat upon it, and strummed merrily away.

The problem was that here, in the heart of Papua New Guinea, a few of my best and brightest students hadn’t the slightest idea what a court jester was.  Which led some of them to speculate that I was either a leprechaun, an elf, or (no joke) a chicken.

I can’t make these things up.

If, by the way, you were wondering what the Flagon with the Dragon has to do with anything, look no further than the 1956 film The Court Jester, which cannot be more highly recommended on the entertainment scale.  Here’s a short clip for you:

16 thoughts on “The Flagon with the Dragon

  1. Hahahah. Other than that video driving me mad, I really enjoyed this post. I like your chicken costume. Also, you will be glad to know that the UAB dance team (the non-scandalous one) will be performing at the Spain Park exhibition this year! Ha! Maybe our classiness will rub off on them.

  2. a chicken? they have chickens that look like that? their literal interpretation leaves a little to be desired. however, if you look at the ‘come as everything but yourself’ title, (which is hilarious) then their figurative interpretation is a good one cause that means they don’t view you as a chicken (as in fraidy-cat). that’s good, right? anyway….i love danny kaye in the court jester. such a funny movie.

    to me, you kinda look like a pippy longstocking/scarecrow combo. do you serve fries with that? nevermind.

    well today is laundry day in the rowlette house, so i had best get at it.

    what is your favorite candy? (random, i know.)

    much love and prayer

  3. O yeah… I should have warned you, Whiney Dean – this *would* be the sort of movie to drive you mad. Have you recovered yet from “Arsenic and Old Lace”?

  4. Ah, the Court Jester – – a favorite movie with my family. However, consider – – Court Jester, one who provides comic relief in often solemn settings – – isn’t what you often do? Therefore, you seemed to have failed the basic premise of the day. Either way – – great costume.

  5. Yes, Joel! I thought the same thing: great minds think alike:) I enjoyed the boys’ choir last evening…wonderful, wonderful!! Many faces I’ve been missing these past months.

  6. The guy’s shield was made of aluminum foil.

    After the lightning struck the guy’s suit of armor and it became magnetized, some kind of metal piece slid across the bench and attached to the suit. However, the very next scene does not show the metal piece attached to the suit – it is sitting on the bench where it was before the lightening struck.

  7. I don’t know, you do kind of remind me of that rooster from Robin Hood. I can see how someone who had seen that might think you were a chicken.

  8. I love Danny Kaye! Great movie! You, hands down, must be the coolest teacher ever…and I bet you’re students are thoroughly enjoying you. Keep up the great work!

  9. i never tire of these pics: Alan in his chicken/jester get up and the movie that inspired it.


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