The Ukarumpa Warriors

This Saturday last marked the first sports tournament of the term here in Ukarumpa.  Two other nearby schools came to challenge our our girls softball and guys volleyball teams.  I, being on neither team, ended up as a line-judge and had the distinct pleasure of holding up yellow flags every time the ball went out of bounds on the volleyball court.  ‘Twas great fun.

One of my students was deathly ill (not deathly, really, but her voice was barely a whisper), and she wanted something to do at the tournament, so I let her take pictures of the event.  By the time I retrieved my camera, she had taken no less than 250 shots.  These are but a few.

Here’s the Ukarumpa Warriors A-Team for Volleyball:

And the B-Team (as a line judge, this was the view I had of most games):

And here are the Lady Warriors doing a chant of sorts before waylaying their opponents:

Here’s one of my neighbors, Buddy, who often travels on the shoulder of one of my other neighbors:

Some spectators:

The crowd (in the background):

And a jolly good hit by number 17:


The guys, you should be pleased to hear, made it to the finals (where, I believe, they were defeated) and the girls won every game they played.

8 thoughts on “The Ukarumpa Warriors

  1. Buddy looks like he has a much better disposition than Mo-Bird ever did…but, then, Mo-Bird belonged to Andy…haha!! Go Warriors!

  2. Looks like Title IX made it to Ukarumpa: the girls have better uniforms…. and shoes (although the duplicate #15’s will get them disqualified from the Olympics). Girls’ softball appears to be an extremely vicious game in PNG – did #17 have her left pigtail ripped off? Also, the catcher from the visiting village team does not seem to be a native (recruiting violation?).
    Heyyyyyy, White, Heyyyyyy Blue…Ukarumpa, we’re for you!

  3. hahaaaaaaa – Best I can tell, Pa’s goin dyslexic on us. Or contracting some other sort of extremely rare numerical ailment that usually only effects 13-toed sloths and their immediate cousins.

  4. …and I can’t even blame this one on the IOS corrective spelling function. I’ll give you optional lame excuses for this tragic error:
    1) Whoever ripped off #7’s left pigtail also took the 1 from her uniform?
    2) Alan threw me off with his non-standard Tok Pisin photo labeling format (who
    puts captions above a photo?).
    3) Did I mention that I missed most of the 8th grade?
    4) Buffalo, buffalo, buffalo, buffalo.

  5. Now I’m sorely confused… there are, in plain sight, two #12s on the guys team, two #15s on the girls team, and two sloths on both teams.

  6. I will try to be of service:
    1) Seeing as how uniforms are few and far between, the two of the same numbers are probably given slack since there are no fouls called in volleyball and softball. We’ll have to see if this assumption is correct when basketball comes around.

    2) The team from the “visiting village” with the non-native player is actually a team that came from two hours away from another international school in PNG.

    3) Two teams did come from near by (native village schools) and two other teams came two hours away (one local, one an international school)

    If this made things more confusing…I apologize. And blame Alan. :)

  7. Thank you for the clarifications, Leah. Alan has obviously OD’d on pineapple and oreo pancakes, again.


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