Pa! Pum!

Thanks to my Tok Pisin instructor, I now have (here in my very hands) a new and improved way of learning the local language: Comic Books.

The one I’m in now is The Story of David: Part I.

And like all good books of the comic variety, it is full of Pa!s and Pum!s

(That’s Tok Pisin for “Pa” and “Pum”, in case you were wondering).

The only thing I haven’t figured out yet is why some of the text bubbles are drawn with dotted lines.

My current theory involves whispering, since the dotted lines always seem to appear in caves and in the dark… Perhaps if I read more Conan the Barbarian as a child (I think that was the one we used to always have lying around the house), I’d be in better shape.

In fact, I have strong reason to believe this was written by the same guy who created Conan.

5 thoughts on “Pa! Pum!

  1. Yeah, Dad wanted to name you “Conan”, you know ABC (Andy, Ben, Conan). Fortunately (or not), I put the nix on that one. Love.


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