More Tomfoolery

Though it’s late in coming, I was finally able to get my hands on all the paparazzi photos from Spirit Week.  The days, if you recall, included the following:

“Teacher-Student Swap” Day

Apparently, several teachers and students alike were thrown off by this one.  At least four people told me they saw this guy from a distance and thought it was me.  Ha!  I dressed like him too (it’s true), but since you’ve never seen him before, my outfit probably wouldn’t make much sense to you.  Thus, I shall spare you the photo.

“Green” Day (not to be confused with the band)

Much to my chagrin, I found out later that this was actually Maid Marian’s costume from a previous theatre production.  “Nonetheless,” my informant added, “you pull it off very nicely.”  I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

And here are some other green people.  I include this one simply because it reminds me of the traditional Sasquatch-on-the-run photo — and as such, brings me joy.

“Dress Like You’re Going to a Party” Day

In short, I was looking for any old excuse to teach with a sombrero.  You’ll be happy to know I went to the post-office this way, too.

The paparazzi, I later discovered, were lurking in the shadows during my morning break.

6 thoughts on “More Tomfoolery

  1. LOVE all the new pix, Alan. :o) And I have to say, I think the “Maid Marian” look was workin’ for ya!! Love ~ Aunt Cindie

  2. i think this should be titled ‘more alanfoolery’. who is tom anyway? and don’t let him steal your spotlight. the nerve. well, he’s not foolering us for a minute. we know who the real fool…er..i mean ‘star’ is, and i think you need to tell this tom foolery guy to back off. PNG is your turf now. he needs to move on. i am quite certain alanfoolery is a higher caliber of foolery anyway. much love.

  3. hahah! If I recall correctly, your “Dress like you are going to a party” outfit is similar to what you wore to Andy’s and my engagement party! Good times!


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