The G Chord

Somehow (though I haven’t the slightest idea how) I am able to send emails to the outside world even though the internet here in Ukarumpa has been down since Wednesday.  As such, I have put this post up with the help of that brother of mine, Benji.

(Editor’s Note: I looked long and hard to find a family photo of Alan playing an instrument.  Any instrument.  As far as I can tell, this is the only fruit of my labor.)

The last week has been perhaps the most eventful of them all.  What with a band concert on Wednesday night, a Choir concert on Friday, an all-night Lock-In which I helped oversee, and a children’s sunday school performance this morning – sleep has come at all the wrong times.

The sunday school performance may seem like a non-issue, but I assure you it was not.  I was involved in a most unexpected way…

Sunday School Teacher:  Alan, do you mind helping out with the sunday school camp next weekend?
Me:  Sure, what do you need me to do?
Teacher:  Well, we need more people to teach the children music.
Me:  Huh.. Music is not one of my specialties.
Teacher:  Do you play any instruments?
Me:  Not unless you count the drums, which I personally don’t.
Teacher:  There you go!  You could be in charge of percussion.  We can get rocks and put them in bottles and shake them around and maybe make tambourines and…
Me:  Oh – alright, I’m in.

Three days later,  she came back to me and explained that well, actually, they wouldn’t need a percussion section anymore, but they were going to have a group of eight or ten of them playing chords on a guitar – and couldn’t I try and learn a few chords in the next few days – just enough to be able to teach them?

And I, being I, said of course, of course I could learn enough to teach the childers.  (This is, I suppose, what I get for dressing like a jester and parading around town with a ukulele in hand.)

Despite all of my own predictions to the contrary, it was not a disaster.  At least not yet… they perform in a few hours time.

8 thoughts on “The G Chord

  1. Haaaa!! Sounds like these folks have you doing new stuff all the time! They have not the luxury of finding an expert but work with what they have which is quite enough. I see it as resourceful, practical, and I like it!

  2. It’s the old “let’s get him in on the rocks-in-bottles’ percussion idea, then, once he’s committed after a few days, then we’ll pull the ole switcheroo on him” trick….hahaha! Poor kids.

  3. I’m studying Music Ed, and I ain’t taught nobody yet!
    And here you are, with an English degree, teaching ev’rybody!

  4. Well, to be fair – there ended up being an actual guitar player there as well, so I wasn’t left to fend for myself (for which I was most grateful).

  5. Ahhhh….so what you’re saying is that you didn’t have to FENDER for yourself? Shame that…you probably would have improvised to ‘beat the band’!
    Your posts give me a giggle, Alan.

  6. Hahah. In the pic, it looks like your mom is wondering if you will grow up to be a trumpet superstar. But nope, thank goodness for all of us, you grew up to be much more than that! =)

  7. and tomorrow we will hear your oh-so-talented drum playing skills. How DO you get yourself into these situations. I am making you a “no” sign right now…laughing a bit to myself in the process.


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