A Frayed and Burnt Cable

For those of you who were hoping my absence as of late was caused by a cannibal attack or something worse, I’m afraid the true story is far less exciting.  In short, our internet has been out for the last week.  Some emails came and went from time to time, but other than that we were free from the terrors of Facebook, Wikipedia, and Books-a-Million.com for nigh on six days.

(That being said, if you did send me an email last week and have heard ne’ern a word from me, chances are I never got it…)

Many a thing has happened between then an now, and the next few days I’ll bring you back up to speed.  But for now, I will simply leave you with this posting from a week ago, a small taste of the optimistic spirit that so permeated our little society in lieu of the world wide web:

Internet is still offline and will most likely be all of tomorrow as well. We suspect failed equipment, and it is taking us some time to arrange for replacements to be sent up from Madang.

Of course we aren’t barring the possibility that the world has actually ended and there is nothing but a frayed and burnt cable at the other end of the internet. In that eventuality it’ll take a little bit longer to bring the world back online.

But who needs internet when you’ve got this:

And this:

And – better yet – this?

9 thoughts on “A Frayed and Burnt Cable

  1. Oh, Alan, son, my day is brightened so, now that I’ve heard from you:) Alas, you are dearly missed when communication is cut. -looking forward to catching up; love.

  2. So glad to hear from you. We were going through Alan’s Blog withdrawal. I have instructed the authorities to cancel the search party (last I heard they were looking for an outlet mall in Port Moresby). We will also agree to take down all the yard sale signs and repack your books, games and clothes if you promise to communicate more often. You should contact your local Verizon, Sprint, T- Mobil and AT&T reps.

    Your first photo answers the age old question “How many Papua New Guineans does it take to sell a basket of strawberries?”
    Miss you, Son.

  3. Your mom and dad’s worry, and now, relief, just brought tears to my eyes! Glad everything’s okay, Alan! Love the pictures and always love reading your posts. You just brightened my day, too!

  4. You’re alive! So glad the cannibals haven’t been snacking on your fingers. :) And it looks like PNG is particularly beautiful this time of year. Love the pictures!

  5. Yaloha! Hope all is well in the land of PNG. I always enjoy your posts my friend! Tomorrow the staff is going to a conference in SC. We shall miss your merry presence as we sell the goods. Ciao mien!

  6. One o those guys is sneakin a piece o romaine… eatin in the job! Remember when Jafar nearly starved himself on the O&W run and bit straight into a head o lettuce upon his return? hA!

  7. Thanks, good friends, for all the encouragement – I shall endeavor to swing back into a blogging spree. Term two begins in two days!


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