Cuckoo for Coconuts

Since I’m very tired at present and would have a most difficult time constructing an articulate post, I will offer you what little I have (which at this hour of night is mere madness).  Having returned from our loverly trip to the coast (and I will tell you all about it one of these days), and knowing that Halloween is not celebrated in these parts, we decided to decorate our recently-purchased coconuts.

Here (without ado) is the fruit of our labor:

And yes, that is Banana Ketchup you see.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll let you know if you should start importing the stuff immediately.

5 thoughts on “Cuckoo for Coconuts

  1. Alan, I have just now caught up on most all of your blog posts! I am going to make sure I read them every day!!!! I have laughed and got teary eyed!
    We are praying for you!

  2. wow, we were so exhausted! I seriously still believe you pump laughing gas into your house because I have NEVER laughed as hard as I do there. Good times for all!


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