Music to the Ear

Flipping a few weeks back on the calendar (just before the Great Internet Outage of 2012), the secondary school presented its finest musicians in song in dance and voice.  Despite the fact that our high school hasn’t got a football team, we do actually have a marching band.  What follows are some pictures from their performance (sadly, these photos are not my own – my friends saved me a seat behind a pole (the nerve!) and I was unable to snap any decent photos myself).




‘Twas grand getting to see a concert where almost everyone performing was someone I knew.  At least half of my students are either in band or in choir (some in both) – and a mighty fine bunch they are.  Speaking of choir, here’s the high school choir in all its glory:


Complete with a saxophone quartet, though I’m not sure how this became associated with choir… :


A few of them had solos, and when the time came, the spotlight shone upon them.  Since we don’t have all the most recent spotlight technology, one of my other students was employed in the ceiling for the evening:


As for me and my house, I leave this morning for a week-long student retreat some two hours away.  That, so you know, means no internet and as such, no blogging for a short while.  When I return, I’ll have plenty more to share, you can be sure.

A wondrous week to you all.

4 thoughts on “Music to the Ear

  1. Hope your retreat is fun and full of wondrous fellowship!! Nice pix of the choir and band. Love you ~ Aunt Cindie

  2. Glad to hear things are going symphonically. Was in the ‘Ham last week working a freelance job. Missed ya!


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