‘A’ is for…

Truthfully there’s only one thing on my mind at present that starts with an ‘A’ and that’s the lovely Amanda A. Wulff.  I figure there will be plenty of “Amanda and I did thus and such” and “Amanda just got through baking an o-so-scrumptious pie”-type statements to come (and other such tomfoolery), so I think it best to introduce you to the lass now.

Someone suggested I title this post “I Kissed Dating Cannibals Goodbye” or even “How to Date a Girl With a Bone Through Her Nose,” but both, I’m afraid, are culturally insensitive (in fact, I’m told that cannibals haven’t roamed these parts for decades), and moreover, they give you all the wrong ideas about Amanda.

Let’s start with a picture (it is, so you know, the only one I have of her at present, so I can’t be blamed for sharing it):

And you can see already why I like her.  She’s bundles of fun, she cares about things that matter, she reads (and talks about) good books, she has a heart for people, she’s honest and… well, in short, she’s lovely in every way (except for the way she manages to get my left toe stubbed every time I’m near her).  As I told her, she broke down all my walls within a month, and continues to trample upon all my expectations in all the best ways.

But these will all sound like platitudes to people who haven’t met her (and, perhaps, to people who never use the word “platitudes”… Zach, for instance).  A story or two, I suppose, would do better:

Just a few days ago, Amanda and I headed out to the nearby runway for a picnic with her sister and brother-in-law (plus their three delightful children and another couple).  We were having a jolly-old-time riding bicycles with the childfolk when Amanda suggested we race to the end of the runway.  It was much farther off than it looked, and just about the time we reached the very end of it, my left pedal fell off (which, I’m sorry to say, brought Amanda a bit too much joy).  About that time her niece Piper showed up and – in the most pitiful voice she could muster – said, “Aunt Amanda, you left me.  Why did you leave me??”  She was only consoled after seeing my broken bike and grinning at my poor attempt to ride with one foot.

Before we started dating, we tried playing tennis twice.  I say “tried” because we ended up talking the whole time and could never focus on the green balls flying every which-a-way.  Nevertheless, they were the most enjoyable tennis games I’ve played in a very long time.  She would serve the ball and before I hit it back ask a question like, “So, do you think it’s possible to ever do anything purely unselfish?” and the ball would go whizzing past while the mind boggled. (As a note, we tried playing again after we started dating, and it only made matters worse.)

In the end, this is all like trying to take a photograph of a sunset with black and white film – the best I can give you is a glimpse.  Which means, like all people who are worth getting to know, she’s the type you’ll need to meet in person.  How that will happen, I fear, is another matter entirely.

If you’re the praying type, do pray for wisdom for the two of us.  We’ll have some unique challenges dating in such a tight-knit community as this, and conflict – at some point – is sure to come.  Pray, if you will, that when conflict comes, it will be conflict of the meaningful sort – conflict that leads to growth.

Alright… I admit it.  I do have another picture of her.  Here she is with her jolly little niece Gwennie:

21 thoughts on “‘A’ is for…

  1. She is beautiful, Alan. I will be praying for you and Amanda. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  2. hey Alan, this is david tannor from GSP and ICO. I’ve been reading your blog occasionally. Fun fun fun! I’m glad things are going well, and congrats on your new catch! Hey, we’ll not be coming to Upalumpa any time soon :( We’ve put a hold on our trip for now. But we hope to at least make there soon. Keep us posted on how we can keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Alan!! I’m so excited for you, and Amanda as well!! Ive been squealing ever since i heard the news :) she seems OH SO lovely and I can’t wait to meet her!! :):):)

  4. She sounds and looks like a simply beautiful person. So happy that she came into your life. Of course, you and Amanda will be in my prayers. Love you! ~ Aunt Cindie ~

  5. Congrats. I will be praying for the two of you. Make sure to teach her Canasta. (just leave out your blasphemous rules like discarding a red three)

  6. I’ve been A-waiting for the “A” posting:) I knew it would be “Amanda”!…much better than your dad’s guess of “aardvark”, for sure. A-lovely, A-mazing, A-wonderful lass:) Prayers, joy, and love as you embark on this new journey,
    P.S. You should give her your “Raised by Wolves” t-shirt…haha!

  7. Exciting stuff! You should take her birch swinging sometime. It’d make for a jolly date.

  8. I, like Whitney, have been squealing over this bit of news. Congrats!! I know that I will meet her- eventually… :) Jay and I love reading your posts. We pray for you often!

  9. So exciting!… Mrs. Halbrooks is a smart lady and I think she called that something of this nature would happen ; )

  10. We enjoyed meeting Amanda over Skype. She seems very bright, outgoing and like lots of fun. We look forward to meeting her in person.
    Is she part of the famous Wulff Pack of North Carolina?

  11. The joys of life are magnified by having someone to share them with…..or is that having someone with whom to share them?

  12. I can put a bone through my nose! What’s birch swinging? Thanks for the nice comments! I have truly enjoyed getting to know Alan over the past few months and know he is well loved at home.

  13. No, no, NO Amanda!! My comment to Alan before he left was, “Just don’t come home with a girl with a bone in her nose.”…seeeeee??? Therefore, you will do just fine:)

  14. Dearest “800”…. PawPaw and I want to say congrats, also! Finding someone to share your life with is the greatest part of living. As Paw Paw often says, “If you catch the biggest fish in the lake and have no one to share it with, what good is the experience?” Much love to both you and Amanda. Will keep you bothin our prayers. Love you very much!


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