Airplanes in the Garden

Turning the clock back a few weeks again (can you do that with clocks?), I never did finish telling you all about our wondrous trip to the coastal city of Lae.  And I’m afraid I won’t finish even now.

Like every good city, Lae includes a free (that’s right!) botanical gardens.

Though really they should call it a botanical forest, because you do far more trudging through the jungle than strolling past rose-bushes.  Here we are, whistling merrily as we walk:

And here’s a sign:

And here are some of the strange and beauteous squid flowers:

I don’t think they’re actually called squid flowers, but if enough people start calling them that, they will be soon enough.

And here’s an old Australian airplane, complete with a spiffy kangaroo logo:

What this was doing in the botanical gardens, I haven’t the slightest, but there it was all the same.  Normally, I would try and make some kind of deep philosophical point here, but really I just wanted to share some pictures with you.  I do hope you enjoy.

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