Homemade Joy

Every year, about this time, the peoples and students of Ukarumpa gather forces to put on a special event for the community.  They call it Carnival.

Truth be told, I’ve never liked Fairs, movies with Fairs in them, or (really) anything even related to Fairs.  State Fairs, County Fairs, you name it.  But Carnival was delightful – simply delightful.

Here’s how it works – each grade level at the secondary school is responsible for two booths.  The booths range anywhere from an Ice Cream parlor to an Inflatable Bouncy House (I forget what those things are actually called…).  The students are in charge of everything, some selected adults supervise the festivities, and almost the entire community shows up.

The theme this year was All the Holidays of the World in a Day, so each booth had a different theme (Cinco de Mayo for the Burrito Booth, Valentine’s Day for the Coffee Shop, and other such tomfoolery).

There was plenty of face-painting:

Coffee drinking:

Putt-Putt playing (on a spiffy homemade course):

And Ferris Wheel riding:

That’s right.  A genuine home-made Ferris Wheel – man powered and with adjustable speed.  If you swing just the right way, you can do flips on the thing.  Also (as I soon found out), if the people running the Wheel decide to spin it as fast as they possibly can, you’ll do flips whether you want to or not.

Amanda, for her part, won all sorts of prize tickets for a flipping-spree:

Was it safe?  Probably not.  But it was pure jollity.  Apparently I laughed the whole four minutes I was in the air.

11 thoughts on “Homemade Joy

  1. OK, Alan, an “inflatable bouncy house” is called a moonwalk. How could you forget. Also, we were with your parents last night and all four of us were laughing as I tried to explain about this man-powered Ferris wheel.

  2. Hi Alan this is Sasha. I like your pictures, you do good job. The fair looks fun. I would like to go. We miss you here. Glad your doing good.

  3. COOL !! What a fun time. VERY impressed with the homemade Ferris Wheel and putt putt course. That hole with the hollowed out reeds looks almost impossible! Wish I had been there to watch you (and listen to you) on the Ferris Wheel. What a hoot!

  4. You would say: bek bilong mi i gat pen! (my back has pain) or bek bilong mi em bruk (my back is broken). I, for one, could probably say both of these. I was an am VERY sore but it was worth it! What Alan didn’t mention was that the dunk tank was full of dirty water and it was pretty shallow. Every time someone would hit the target you’d fall and hit the bottom. I’m sure they made some good money off my little 2nd graders though! Who wouldn’t want to dunk their teacher!

  5. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    These goodfolk would THRIVE in a game of extreme croquet, noooo doubt!

    A friend glanced at this blog as I read it, and said, “Wait… Is it Valentine’s Day over there?” haaaaaaa

  6. I was thinking extreem croquet too… that and poison dart shooting (minus the poison part). It’s the PNG version of paintball.


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