The Word, Spoken

Papua New Guinea, as many of you know, is home to over 800 different languages – many of which are only spoken and have no alphabet.  As such, here in PNG the spoken word is often valued far more than the written word.

One of Wycliffe’s goals is to come up with innovative ways of reaching different people-groups with God’s Word – and this is, perhaps, the most interesting way I’ve come across to date: the Audibible.

When you get a moment, watch this quick video (narrated by one of my very own students) about the Audibible project (another technology, by the way, that I wholeheartedly support).

Should you be interested in knowing more about how these spiffy little devices are programed, one of my friends has written all about it in her blog.

3 thoughts on “The Word, Spoken

  1. Thanks for sharing this Alan!! Hearing about the joy (and message) this audibles bring to those unable to read brought me to tears. Not only are the people of PNG able to hear The Word, what an amazing way to learn to read through the Bible!


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