‘Tis the Season

The air is not crisp here, the leaves have not fallen, and the chance of snow in the next four months is less than 1%.  But Christmas – with all its joys and comforts – refuses to be bothered by such details.  The season of caroling and the season of Tiny Tim (especially in Muppet form) is upon us here in Ukarumpa.

And with it comes trees and ornaments:


With cows on the highest boughs:


Goofy pictures under the branches:


Singing choirs and Piping pipers:


(Spiffy Photo by Amy Evers)


Visiting craft fairs (today), seeing family (next week!), gingerbread-making shindigs (one of these days), and many other joyous things to come.

May your Christmas season be just as merry and bright.

6 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. The tree is beautiful and so whimsical (how could it NOT be, after all, it is YOUR tree!!). You and Amanda are just too sweet for words. Love all the pix of your “under the branches” antics. I see that by the last pic, Amanda had lost all ability to hold in her laughter. *Note to Amanda: Get used to it, Sweetie. ~ So glad you are decking the halls and seeing your family next week. It will be so wonderful for all of you!! Merry Christmas, Alan and Amanda. Love…Aunt Cindie

  2. Thanks Aunt Cindie (!) – ’twas great seeing you on Thanksgiving.

    And to be fair, the tree (decorations and all) isn’t actually mine. Amanda brought it with her all the way from the States – all I brought were a few clothes and piles and piles of books. :)

  3. Aw, Alan, you two are having so much fun! So glad you get to see your mom and dad next week!! Your posts are so full of love and laughter; thanks for sharing!


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