The Many Ways to Say Happy Birthday

Despite the fact that I’m about as far from my hometown as I can be, my birthday here was wondrously delightful.  Throughout the day many happy returns on the day were sent to me.  Here’s just a smattering of them.

From Amanda’s 2nd graders, who I help out with math once a week:

Happy Birthday Mr. Halbrooks,
I like you because you are funy and lowad and toll….

Happy Birthday Mr. Halbrooks.  You are a very silly teacher to us.  Sometimes you make us laugh for a long time.  From, Joda


Dear Mr. Halbrooks I hope you have a good time at your Birthday is a good suseeced I hope there is no Bandit coming to your Birthday!  Today I am writeing you a letter it is this one.

And my personal favorite:

Happy Birthday Mr. Halbrooks,
I hope you hav a happy Birthday today.  I hope you know its not all about geting presents.
From, Nate

From my 9th graders:



Tape AND toilet paper this time…

From my 10th graders:


Isn’t that the spiffiest cake you’ve ever laid eyes upon?  I was playing frisbee at the time of delivery, so half my class showed up singing to me from the sidelines.  ‘Twas a joyous occasion.  I gave them my keys and asked them to put the echidna in my kitchen, if they’d be so kind.

They were.  But they also stole my candy canes (the fiends), and left a note:



(The green syrup is from our festive pancake party the day before…)

And from the ring-leader of them all:


Amanda, who isn’t even in the country right now, managed to organize all this wonderment – from the cake to the tape to the handmade cards.  Who could ask for a better birthday?

Meanwhile and not to be outdone, Benji (that brother of mine) sent me this:

So that is what I’m off to do.

7 thoughts on “The Many Ways to Say Happy Birthday

  1. Happy birthday, Alan!! So glad that you had such a great time! Have fun with your parents! We miss you!

  2. haha! Awesome! I’m full of surprised Alan T.! Gotta keep you on your toes. Glad it was a great birthday, babe. Only wish I could have been there to see your face and take pictures of you as part of it all. And, in addition to it all, you get to go on a trip to NZ! How was lunch?

  3. WONDERFUL!!! Memorable birthday fun you will carry in your heart forever. Amanda is so sweet!! ~ Forgot to tell you…you were VERY missed at Thanksgiving!! The Charades game was oh-so-fun (as usual) but your name came up quite often. Ben was very entertaining and had us all crying with laughter, but the two of you together is SO hysterical. Your students are correct: “very silly” and “funy”. Yep! ~ Love you….Aunt Cindie ~

  4. Isn’t Babe a pig?… haha, j/k. Glad you had a good birthday. Climb Mt. Cook and Mt. Aspiring for me while you’re in NZ.


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