Having Returned…

Well… I’m back.

The last two week were spent in a village some two hours away from here – in a place where fires and flashlights serve as the only source of light at night, where the nearest river makes a fine bathing pool, and pigs almost outnumber the humans.

In short, it was an experience that will forever change the way I see this country.  Having lived in the shoes of these people (though most of them don’t wear shoes at all), having gardened with them, washed with them, cooked with them, and shared stories with them – I now have a foundation for understanding their culture.  No, I don’t pretend to know the whole of life here for the Papua New Guinean – and hardly part of it – but a foundation is laid, a place to start.

At the advice of Amanda, I kept a journal while I was out, and so I’ll share some excerpts over the next week of all the things I experienced and learned among the wonderful people of the Markam Valley – many of whom are now my friends.

But first, a picture of the place I’ve called home these last two weeks:


(Sorry for the quality, my camera stayed at home.  I borrowed a friend’s, and it was on the verge of death all week.)

6 thoughts on “Having Returned…

  1. It’s a high rise! With a nice spacious yard…is that another home behind it or is that an out building? Did you pick up any baking secrets? Glad you’re back in Ukarumpa.

  2. Amazing!  Look forward to more.  Are you well?  Emily


  3. mM! welcome back, dear brother. “There was yellow light, and fire within; and the evening meal was ready, and he was expected…”


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