Other Happenings…

Whilst the blogging ceased for a time, Ukarumpa life did (most certainly) not.

In my 10th grade class, we’ve just finished our study of The Lord of the Flies – that classic novel about a group of boys who get stranded on an island and turn savage.  Sounds rough, I know – and most of you probably have bad memories of analyzing it to death in High School English.  But it’s a book that brings up so many great questions about human nature, hope, order and chaos – that I consider it one of top three books I get to teach.

This year, a fellow teacher joined me (it was his idea actually) in dressing up like savages.  While I was teaching and acting normal, he burst through the classroom door and screamed with all he had in him.  I ran away and changed while he continued to terrorize them.


We yelled, we danced, we stopped about, and we generally disconcerted every wide-eyed student as best we knew how.  It was, in short, great fun.

On a less barbaric note, just a few weeks back I attended my first baptism here – and despite the rain, it was a welcome sight.  Three middle-school girls – two of which have Amanda as their community group leader – gave their testimonies, picked music for us all to sing, and were baptized in the river.


We all watched from under our umbrellas and rejoiced with them as they plunged in and out of the chilly water.

And, just to keep you on your toes – one more thing that has not a thing to do with the last two: I got a package from my good brother and sister-in-law.  Packages here are always exciting – but this one was doubly so.  Why?  Because in it were two packs of Swedish Fish.


After three days passed, I’d devoured them all.  I’ve never enjoyed fish-shaped gelatin so much in all my life.

5 thoughts on “Other Happenings…

  1. I concur…the fish were delectable…though I only partook in a few! Oh Alan, if only I could be a fly on the wall in your classroom some days! What will they say about you when they think back on UISSC?

  2. Baptism in the river…getting to pick the music to sing…a young person sharing their testimony = GRAND!
    Letting wolves and people raised by wolves attend?! Well, that was real Christian of them…haha:)

  3. We carried your Raised by Wolves shirt >8,000 miles so you could dress up like a savage?


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