Public Speaking 101

Do pray for a lad as he prepares for a long day of speaking and preaching on the morrow.

It’s true that my job is to teach, and I won’t really be talking in “public” more than I normally do on a school day.  But tomorrow’s public will be considerably larger than what I’m used to, and it will mark the first time I’ve preached among people I actually know (last time, I preached to a crowd of old women who couldn’t even hear me because I failed to turn my microphone on).


I’ve mentioned before – though it was only in passing – that our church here is a bit unpredictable.  Every week, someone different plans the service, and as such, we get different styles of music, different ways of taking Communion, different sorts of morning prayers, and different preachers.  It certainly keeps you on your toes.  The 8th grade class is coordinating the service this week, and I’m the one doing the preaching (they were not so rash as to ask me to do the music – which would have been disastrous).

We’re in a series on the Psalms right now, so tomorrow I’ll be talking about the wondrous Psalm 131.  Of course, that also means I’ll be talking about “the weaned child” which should certainly raise some eyebrows.

The same evening, I’ll be giving my testimony to the youth group – a far more informal setting, which is more my cup of tea.  That bit, I’m not too worried about.

All that to say, do pray.


6 thoughts on “Public Speaking 101

  1. hahaaaaa good n. What became of the Communion request? (And I do hope the story of me scalding you in the shower as a young child didn’t make it into your testimony… though, I must confess, it did mine.)

  2. You are constantly in my prayers. You will do great…at both. I am eager to hear what the Lord has put on your heart and discuss it afterwards.

  3. You are, of course, always in our prayers. You done well in the worldview conference every year, that’s for sure. You’ll do wonderfully, I have no doubt. Nooooo doubt! Do tell us how it goes.

  4. So excited for this wonderful opportunity. Prayers lifted for you, of course. I’m sure your message will not only be inspiring and thought-provoking; but also, funny as all get out!!! Love ya…Aunt Cindie


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