She Said “Yes”!

The rumors are true.  Amanda and I are, as of yesterday afternoon, engaged(!).

I wish you all could be here with us to celebrate – and more than anything, just get to know her.  But you will meet her and you will know her soon, soon – I am confident.  We come back to the States this summer to visit friends and family – and now, to have the wedding, too. (Three cheers!)



And now, the story:

Yesterday, as you know, was a remarkably busy day for me.  With a sermon in the morning (which had some rough spots, but I made it through alright in the end), a testimony in the evening (which went swimmingly – thanks ever-so-much for praying), and a hectic week behind me, Amanda was quite certain that this would not be The Day.

She knew that my proposal was eminent, but she also knew that finding a good engagement ring in Papua New Guinea – especially when you live in an enclosed town with one store – is not an easy task.  So – by dropping hints here and there – I did what I could to make her think that some friends of mine (another missionary family) were bringing it with them when they arrived in March.  She even had a dream at some point that I gave up on the ring altogether and instead drew one on a band-aid, saying “Sorry dear, but this will have to do.”

Instead, I employed the help of my good brother Ben, who – with the aid of the equally good sister-in-law Whitney – helped find and design a wondrous ring in my hometown.  Included in the ring were two smaller diamonds from my mother’s mom, a piece of family history.  The ring was sent to a different friend – a fellow missionary I met last summer at my training in Dallas, and she graciously toted it with her on her way here.

Since January, Amanda and I have been spending our Sunday afternoons going on picnics in all the different tree-houses of Ukarumpa.  This week, Amanda had chosen her favorite, which was all for the best – because it was the very one I hoped to propose in.  Here she is, presenting it proudly:


After she headed off to teach Sunday School, I grabbed some flowers, a basket, and a few large sheets, and I headed to the spot.  I draped the sides of the tree-house with blankets (to give us a bit more privacy) and rigged a basket and pulley system on a tree branch while no one was looking too closely, whistling happily as I strolled home in time for church.

When we arrived at the picnic spot, I pointed out the “cool basket and pulley” they had going, but Amanda thought little of it and insisted on me sitting down to eat.  So we did – and a marvelous lunch it was.  And by marvelous I mean grilled cheese – tasty grilled cheese made my the lovely lass herself.

The time had come.  “You’ve got to see what’s in this basket,” I told her after peering inside – and, to humor me, she did.  As I slowly lowered it, a popsicle-stick shepherd appeared (a gift Amanda had given me the week we started dating) holding a sign, which read:


And there, in the box, was her band-aid ring.

By this time, of course, I was on my knee with the real ring in hand.  Before I got the question out, she was already saying yes.  What joy.

Of course, you should hear the story from her side, too.

25 thoughts on “She Said “Yes”!

  1. Congratulations to you both!!!!!! I can’t wait to meet Amanda! Do you know yet when you will be here (I want to make sure my schedule is clear!)?

  2. Tears of joy for both of you now all over my keyboard. May God bless you both as you enjoy spring in PNG and look forward to your wedding! We Megginsons are so anxious to see you both in person and look forward to hearing more about PNG, the nuptials and really anything you care to share. Thank you ever so for sharing your engagement story. THRILLED!
    much love

  3. We are so excited for you Alan and Amanda! So looking forward to seeing both of you when you are in the states this summer!
    Looks like Leslie may be headed to Papua this summer while you are here! She has been accepted to do an internship in the dental clinic there for 2 or more months; she is also working with another mission about going somewhere else in that part of the world for the remainder of the year so not everything is set in stone yet, but I know that if she does come to ukarumpka (sp?) you will take good care of her!
    Mrs Frese

  4. So thrilled for you, Alan! Michael came into the room yesterday and said guess who has big news?! It definitely couldn’t have been better news! Can’t wait to meet Amanda and for this summer! =)

  5. Sending SO much love and JOYOUS CONGRATULATIONS !!!! The Lord has provided well for you both in that he has brought you each to the other and filled your hearts with the love of the other. Can’t wait till the wedding!!!! Love you both….Aunt Cindie

  6. So many fun adventures that you’ve already had – and so many more to come…and now you’ll get to share them with YOUR WIFE!!! : D
    Can’t wait to meet her! See you in a few months~

  7. Congratulations Alan and Amanda! You’ve certainly set a high bar for friends with future engagements….VERY well done! We look forward to seeing you and mtng Amanda this summer. Miike and Judy Stanley

  8. Alan, I already told Amanda how excited and happy I am for you two! But now I have to tell you: CONGRATULATIONS!!! or as we would say in Spanish: Felicitaciones!!! We love you guys!
    Johanna (and for Kurt) Metzger

  9. Have you met Pete Kluck? He married a co worker of mine in 1990! THey lived where you are for years with Wycliff. I think he was just there again for something – they are now parents of 2 and living near ?Tampa? I think …Florida somewhere ! BTW This is your Dad’s cousin Becky in Daytona

  10. You thought you were going to Ukarumpa to teach high schoolers, but God had other plans for you as well. Congratulations. Hettie Stauffer

  11. Woohoo! – and accomplished in good Alan T style, nonetheless :)

    Congratulations, to you both!

  12. What wonderful news Alan! Somehow everyone in my family knew and must have mentioned this while I was not in the room. I just checked your blog and voila! May God richly bless you both as you begin your lives together. Sasha says, “Congratulations!” too.

  13. Alan!! I am so happy for the two of you, and I can’t wait to meet Amanda :) Congratulations a-plenty. Our family has been very excited to hear the news, and truly a proposal of Halbrooks proportions!

  14. Yea  Yea Yea!!! The woods and hills behind our house are so excited as are the Haygoods.  Can’t wait to meet her, Emily and Langston


  15. So, Professor Plumb is getting married! You coming past Melbourne on ur way to/from the US? :P



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