In Light of Recent Tragedies…

In light of recent tragedies, no words of mine will do.  My haus meri’s father passed away this weekend, and though his name is unknown to me (as are all the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing), I know his passing is no small matter to an entire village here in PNG.


To you, perhaps – and many millions – his death matters not.  To my haus meri, it means her world.  “And how many kingdoms,” writes Pascal, “know nothing of us!”

Yet I imagine the passing of anyone – child, elder, scholar or fool – is no small matter in that place where moth and rust do not destroy. And how many pass each day?

Dickinson, with her usual hope, says it best, I think:

It is an honorable Thought
And makes One lift One’s Hat
As One met sudden Gentlefolk
Upon a daily Street

That We’ve immortal Place
Though Pyramids decay
And Kingdoms, like the Orchard
Flit Russetly away

Our souls outlive the universe.  An honorable thought.

2 thoughts on “In Light of Recent Tragedies…

  1. Prayers for your haus meri…so sad for her. When we love deeply, it is always hard for those left behind.


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