Strange Things Children Say

1. “For Real Life?”

This is my soon-to-be-neice’s favorite phrase.  I think she confused the phrase “real life” with “for real?” and invented this hybrid in their place.

Me:  Aunt Amanda and I are going to let y’all play in the mud today!
She:  For real life?

She usually says this anytime someone suggests something unbelievable or, perhaps, just jolly exciting.

2. (nothing)

Her little sister, on the other hand, prefers silence.  She’s at the “wa” and “ma” stage; the stage where she realizes that upsetting her older siblings is greater fun than being kind; and the stage where a balloon in the mouth is just as fascinating as a balloon in the air.


3. “No.”

Other children in the community are at another stage altogether.  One called me on my house phone one afternoon to remind me that I was supposed to be present for a Water Fight (whatever that is) on the big field near my house.  The conversation, unfortunately, was a bit one-sided.  “No,” was the only word she spoke when I picked up the receiver. “Hello?” said I.

“Who is this speaking?”
“Is this Kate?”
“It’s four o’clock.”
“Oh!  Yes, the water fight.  So sorry I forgot – did I miss it?”
– Click –

The Water Fight, so you know, consisted of a half-dozen elementary schoolers chasing me around with buckets of river water and dumping them over my head.  I was given a mere plastic cup to fight back.

4 thoughts on “Strange Things Children Say

  1. So…after the elementary schoolers Christened you with river water, did your car wash buddies show up and shampoo your head again??? :o) Love ya…Aunt Cindie

  2. haha, well this happened before the ankle but the ankle was caused by playing with children. Well put Alan.


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