Independence Day!

The 16th of September is distinguished even among distinguished days for being, on the one hand, the birthday of my good brother Benji – and, on the other hand, Independence Day for Papua New Guinea.  (Yes, I admit that the previous sentence was almost as confusing as the one about the buffalo.)

So, in honor of both these things, the Papua New Guinean brothers and sisters in our midst had a small celebration today at the high school.  And this is what we saw:


(Lots of singing and dancing.)


(Flag raising).


(Plenty of children dressed in traditional PNG wear.)


(Coconut husking.)


(I, too, joined the fun of the coconut husking.  Though I was thoroughly defeated by the guy on the right, I did at least smoke the other two competitors.)


All in all, it was great fun… even if the speaker system was a little too loud.

4 thoughts on “Independence Day!

  1. Allow me to begin this comment with a disclaimer: History was NOT my forte in college. Having said that, from whom and when did the good people of PNG gain their freedom? as their war involved or was it a peaceful transition? Enlighten me, please, good nephew. :o) Love you!!!

  2. Oh, by the way, the “anonymous” comment regarding the history of PNG’s independence was from ME !!

  3. As far as I can tell, PNG gained their freedom rather unceremoniously… There was no big battle or revolutionary war – just an agreement between PNG and Australia to shift rule from the latter to the former.


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