We’re Back!

Just when you were ready to give up on ever hearing from me again, I have returned with my lovely wife not only to the world of blogging, but to the motherland itself.

That’s right. Amanda and I are back in the US of A for a whopping six months, and while we’re here we want to see you.  This is what people who use missionary lingo call “Furlough” – but since that implies long periods of rest and relaxation (which in reality are few and far between) we call it our Home Assignment.  While we’re in Papua New Guinea, our job is to teach teens and second graders – while we’re in the States, our job is to share with you (amongst other less exciting things like updating visas and passports, raising more support, rebuilding our wardrobes, and fixing the ragged straps on Amanda’s Chacos).


When I was a child I thought that missionaries just left their homeland and went to Kenya and that was it – you never heard from them again until all of Africa was converted.  As I grew older and “wiser,” I discovered that missionaries had to come back to their home country every now and then – presumably to get more money and return to Kenya.

But now that I actually am a missionary, I realize something else was going on all those years – those missionaries wanted to come back to share their stories and God’s work with people back home.  And now that’s us.  Amanda and I are back to reconnect with you goodfolk who have prayed for us and supported us all this time.  We have pictures and videos and artifacts and stories of all the exciting things that are happening and have happened in Papua New Guinea the last few years – and just a few months to share them all before we head back in January.

Here’s our schedule:

August – Birmingham, AL
September – Waxhaw (near Charlotte), NC
October – Birmingham round two
November – Waxhaw round two
December – travel and holidays with family
January – Dallas for a week, and then back to PNG

We’ll do our best to find all of you wherever you are, but you can make our lives easier by calling us (205_447_4547) or emailing us if you’re in our area and letting us know when you’re free for coffee, lunch, dinner, or a trip to the zoo.  We’re also happy to share with your Bible study groups or Sunday schools if you’re up for that sort of thing.

Hope to see you fine folks soon!

4 thoughts on “We’re Back!

  1. My family is considering going to ukarumpa with Wycliffe. I would teach at the school.
    Can we talk sometime? I have some specific questions related to the school. My family and I live in north Mississippi. I have called the number on your blog and have left two voicemails. I look forward to talking to you guys.
    Josh Ransom


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