Long Island – Part I


As teachers, we don’t always get to go galavanting across the untamed, untouched places in Papua New Guinea.  Fortunately, we have friends who do – and not only that, but friends who invite us to go with them.

So that’s just what we did at the beginning of June.  Amanda and I headed out to Long Island – a spiffy island (thus the name) with a huge crater lake in the middle.


But we weren’t going for the sights – we were going for a Bible Dedication ceremony.


Our friends Jeff and Sissie have been in Long Island for over 20 years (23 I think) working on this translation.  “Working” on a translation includes everything from  learning local customs and language(s) to developing an alphabet for them, teaching the people how to read and write with it, developing a team of teachers and translators, translating, checking and rechecking, type-setting and printing, and finally bringing the Bibles to the Bible-less people.  That last bit was the only part we were around for, but Jeff and Sissie have been hard at work from the beginning.

Here’s a quick video of the sights and sounds from our weekend in Long Island.  Lots of cool outfits.  LOTS of singing and dancing:

If you watch it and you’re deeply confused – fear not!  Tomorrow, I’ll explain (as best I can) what’s happening.

One thought on “Long Island – Part I

  1. Love the celebration! I bet being there was a sweet and deep delight:) Praise God, and thanks be to those who have worked so diligently thru these many years.


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