Some Snippets

While Amanda was waxing philosophical last week, I for my part (not given to such profundity with my morning tea) was organizing pictures.

In the process, I uncovered some photos that simply must be shared.  Here they in all their glory, though I’m afraid there’s nothing deep and meaningful that ties them all together.


This one is courtesy of my brother Ben, who likes taking screenshots of my most embarrassing poses while chatting on Skype.  At the time, I was showing off my new gold crown, thanks to some excellent work done by the Ukarumpa dental clinic.


Here we are celebrating Christmas in February – a normal time to receive packages meant to arrive in December.  The time delay is perfectly alright with us, because this way we can just keep opening gifts all year round.


A Keurig, complete with dozens of K-cups, was in the massive box I was carrying above.  Sadly, when we first opened it, we weren’t able to plug it in for fear of frying the motor… so we improvised.  This is one of the least effective methods we tried, but it looked impressive.


At some point in April our pump stopped working for the night.  Since our water comes from the tank anyway, I just climbed the ladder and filled up a pitcher for our evening meal.


And this is when you know it’s time to take a break from the 2nd graders.

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