I am grateful for…


This weekend we went camping. My roommate from college invited us to camp with her and her family. We found a peaceful site by the lake. Alan and I swam way out to the other side of our campsite. It was great to be away from the busyness for a short time while enjoying moments with friends.

The last day our other roommate from college joined us for a swim and picnic. I haven’t spent time with these ladies in so long. The kids got along and so did the menfolk (as Alan would say).

It may seem like a small thing but it meant a lot to me. Although we’re not all in the same stage of life we can still love on one another.



Last night Alan and I were given the privilege to speak to an AWANA group. Growing up in AWANA I jumped at the opportunity. As a bonus, we were also given time with the teens. We decided that I would prepare for the children’s group while Alan prepared for the teens. For the first time we felt relaxed and comfortable in our speaking roles. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing with the elementary kids. One little girl even tried on the grass skirt I brought!

Alan lit up with enthusiasm as he creativity informed the teens about Papua New Guinea. It sure felt great being in a teaching role, especially to kiddos.



As I write this I am sipping on a chai latte (sorry Ukarumpa readers). I continue to be grateful for amazing food and drinks. Can’t beat a good latte!



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