Things We Don’t Miss

Creepy Crawlers
It is nice to walk into my house and not think, “I wonder where the ants are making their house today?” And to take a shower with out seeing Ernie the Earwig lounging on the shower wall.  Now we can go on a search for them not visa versa.


Here I am sifting bugs from a bag of flour we’d just bought at the store – something that happens more often than we wish in PNG.

Everything Closing at 4
A month ago, Alan and I left our friends house heading back to Birmingham at 10 pm. Our trip would take an hour and a half, tops. About thirty minutes into the trip we got a craving for ice-cream (this, sadly, is pretty common these days), pulled over, ordered, and kept on driving. Oh yes, we found something open at 10:30 at night.

In Ukarumpa we are lucky to get to the store after work before it closes and often we have to send a friend to check our mailbox or get money. We don’t miss the early closing times.  24 hour stores are from heaven!


Laundry and Dishes
Upon Alan’s request we planned a pancake party a few weeks ago, just like the good ol’ days. A dozen or so folks showed up and hung out with us. When they left we went to work getting the house back in order. The dishwasher won first prize that night! Forget the 2 hours of laundry a day and 2 hours of dishes…we have a dishwasher and a dryer (which I keep calling the washing machine).  I can even wash clothes WHILE it’s raining! (Of course now we have to read the tags…)


The Lack of Quick Meal Options
Although we certainly miss homecooked meals and a house to make them in, we don’t really miss HAVING to make everything from scratch. I take great joy in saying “Today we are making noodles” and the next day saying “Today we are adding water to this frozen meal, becuase it’s fast and I’m tired.”


Pig’s Head in a Bucket
Need we say more?


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