Root Canals and Other Matters

Have you ever found yourself thanking God for a root canal? Well, that’s what I did last week. I walked in to the Dr. Groves dentist office expecting to have a cavity filled and with in minutes was sent to another dentist to perform a root canal.

Sweet Dr. Groves told me the news and then said, “You’re not crying”. Honestly, I was surprised myself. I think I was in shock.

God had been good to us. He had provided funding for our doctors and dentist appointments that we had not expected. I had also watched Alan get a root canal in March and he survived… so I took courage.

An hour later I was sitting in, yet again, another dentist chair awaiting my fate! The dentist looked pretty concerned about my six year old molar. He asked, “Did Dr. Grovers mention the word resorption?” I wasn’t sure but that didn’t sound like a “good” word. He then proceeded to inform me that the decay is very large and if it had external resorption I may have to get my tooth pulled. (I am sure I would have cried if it was…three dentists, with painful needles is just a little too much for one day, especially for a person who DOES NOT enjoy “going to the dentist”. Though, who really does?)

Thankfully my roots in that tooth were still strong and healthy. The root canal was a success and I was sent off with pain meds etc. The recovery was rough but I was so grateful that it was all done.


A few days later, I went back to Dr. Groves for my temporary crown. She did a wonderful job! Afterwards she told me that I had internal resorption. This is “better” than external resorption. Apparently internal resorption is a disease that attacks the inside of a tooth and decays the rest of the tooth, whereas external resorption attacks the outside and works its way inward and even attacks the teeth around it.

The kicker was when she told me that only 1 in a million people have this happen…and…it’s genetic. Awesome! Sorry future Halbrooks babies. Why do I always become a statistic? I went to the eye doctor years ago with a prolonging pink eye and he said, “This is the worst case I have ever seen.” Not really something a patient wants to hear.

I am healing up now. Praying my permanent crown arrives without any problems.

Thank God for saving my tooth, for providing for our financial needs, and for Novocain!

3 thoughts on “Root Canals and Other Matters

  1. “champers” should have read “chompers” But you probably figured that out already. Love to Halbrooks clan.

  2. So sorry you have had a rough go of it but hopefully it is getting better each day. Glad also you hadn’t left yet to go back! Take good care of yourself. Emily Haygood


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