The Neighbourhood

(that’s how the British spell it…)

First off… Alan is well!  Thanks for your prayers.

Second off… some thoughts from Amanda:

We live in a unique community here.  It is tradition to have new arrivals over for lunch and dinner the first few days they are in Ukarumpa. I have always loved this tradition. A person can very quickly feel welcome and important. It takes time to get settled, so when you don’t have to think about meals it certainly takes a load off and gives you a chance to meet some new people, or see some friends. Alan and I enjoy having people over for dinner as often as we can. This community welcomes hospitality.

It also welcomes friendly neighbors. Somehow Alan has managed to live in the same little neighborhood the whole time he has been overseas. We have become quite fond of our neighbors.


Where else can you answer a knock on the door to find two little girls with their recorders ready to give you a recital, and a pleading mother asking for you to listen so she can take a break?


I love that I can run across the street for a cup of sugar in exchange for a few eggs. Or get in a conversation with a friend about their Bible Study and quickly be invited.

Of course our community isn’t perfect. Whenever you live and work with the same people there are bound to be disagreements. But, for better or for worse, we are Ukarumpa and I’m happy to be part of it.

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