The Fruit You’ve Never Heard Of

What is spiky, red, and the size of a peach pit?

Give up?

A rambutan.



I love rambutans! This little wonder of a fruit has a fairly short season, but when they are sold at market it makes my heart flutter! I was introduced to them by my friend Rachel, a few years ago. This is how you eat a rambutan:

First, you take your fingernail and cut down the soft middle. (The spikes are not actually sharp). Of course you could use a knife, but what fun is that! Once you have made a cut all the way around, pull the pieces apart.


Inside you will find a circular grape-like fruit covering a hard seed. Chew or suck on the juicy part then toss the seed. That is how you eat a ramubtan.

I don’t think it will ever become a delicacy but it does take delicious! If you come to visit us someday… you will have to try one for yourself.

One thought on “The Fruit You’ve Never Heard Of

  1. Interesting!  Sorry we didn’t eat one when we were there!!!  Hope y’all are well.  We love getting you emails and will continue to pray for you.  Love, Emily and Langston


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