Term Four

We are currently in the middle of Term 4 at our year-round school. This is the crazyiest term! Not only do we offer softball, rugby, volleyball, and track to our 90 some high school students, it is also the term of the junior/senior banquet, the eighth grade play, high school sports day, and sixth and twelfth grade graduation.

As per tradition, this term will end with many goodbyes, tears, and transition. People will go back to their home countries for a certain amount of time (furlough). Some will leave for good. BUT… thankfully people will return and new people will join our community. As I write there are new missionaries in training a month away from life in this town.


(Amanda with some of the soon-to-graduate Seniors)

This particular term brought an additional bit of fun for Alan and I, as we were invited to the Senior Retreat. The retreat was held at a coastal town called Madang. There we snorkeled, swam all day, enjoyed delicious food and had lots of fun. This was Alan’s first experience in Madang. I wish we had more time there so I could show him around… but maybe another time.

Oh, gotta run, I am the judge for the discuss throwing at Sports Day.


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