Changes are Coming

This term has been much better for me (Amanda) than last. Stepping in half way through a school year, with a group of kids who are used to a certain way of learning, was not easy, but we have managed…and are doing quite well now. The students are getting more comfortable with the way I do things and I am learning how to adjust to their creative minds (there are so many in this category…one being my niece).

I am preparing myself to teach these kiddos again as I will be moving to third grade with them next year. I’ve never taught third grade…never thought I would. In fact I used to joke with friends that when my students got close to taller than me they would have to move up to the next grade! Now what will I do? I guess you can say that I have graduated from second! New curriculum is going to be challenging but having the same students again (I already know what they can do and their personalities) should help.


Why am I moving up to third grade? Well…our school is changing. The student population fluctuates depending on who in here and who is on home assignment, however it has been getting gradually smaller. The teachers, at the moment, are few. When I arrived in 2011 it was a time of surplus. We had plenty of teachers and students, so I was an extra teacher…if you can imagine that (I can’t!). Now we are desperate for teachers. This semester we have struggled to keep teachers in the main primary classes and have even had to cut down on what we offer, shuffle teachers around (at one point I was teaching all subjects in second grade and Bible in fourth grade), cut the school time shorter, and combine classes. Next school year, beginning in late July, we are still in need of a fourth and sixth grade teacher as well as for all our teachers on home assignment to return on their ticket date.

Changes are not easy, especially for a small community that gets comfortable doing things a certain way. If you think of us, please pray that God will provide for our school.

4 thoughts on “Changes are Coming

  1. Hi! I’ m surprised reading this, even tho I knew Sharon was leaving. What about your gr 2 class? Will it be a combo gr 1-2 together? Sad to hear of the ongoing needs there.

  2. Dear Amanda and Alan, I enjoy hearing from you all about what is going on in ukarumpa, so thanks for taking the time to write. I imagine you are glad for the summer break and getting to have a schedule that doesn’t include lesson and and grading papers but rather having fun with your students and their families! I pray that the teachers on HMA are able to come back in time for the start of the new year in late July AND that you get 2 new teachers who are as great an addition to the staff as Alan was 3 years ago!!! AC and I head to the cabin in CO this ties for about 6 weeks– rick and Deborah and David and sue Mackle will come out in about 3 weeks and we will tour the national parks of Utah together. Leslie has started the dental practice at Dr Edwards clinic and is glad to be back in people’s mouths! Hopes to start the mobile clinic to nursing homes soon. She says when we take our trip to New Zealand we will come to Ukarumpa too–but we don’t have a trip to NZ planned at all!!! Love you both😍 Mrs Frese

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  3. Will certainly be praying because know from teaching first hand.  Love to you both, Emily

  4. Hey all, thanks for posting and reading! It encourages us to see people responding and caring. We will have a 1-2 combo class this year. I don’t know what it will look like in the future, but that’s the plan.

    Mrs. Frese, thanks for the updates! We would welcome you with open arms if you visited! I am glad Leslie is doing well. When we left she wasn’t sure what was happening next. Enjoy your fun trips with your buddies. You it won’t be the same with out us young-folk with you though :) Miss you guys


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