The Boot


I (Amanda) am in a boot. Why, you ask? My poor left foot and ankle have been swollen for two weeks. The strange thing is, I have no idea how it happened. Honest! I was planning to speak at the youth group that night so all day I had been preparing. For a break I ran out to play Ultimate Frisbee with some friends and that night it was swollen and sore. The next day pains were shooting up a nerve in the arc, down the foot, and up the ankle.

After a trip to the doctors they told me to ice it, keep it elevated as much as I can and take Ibuprofen. Keeping it elevated sounds like it would work – however, what do I do with my job? Teaching second graders is not easy on your feet.

A few days ago I went in to the clinic again and they said it might be tendinitis. So, I am hobbling with a boot for at least a week. Next Wednesday I’ll have a follow up visit.

This ailment can be added to my many lists of curious illnesses. This is not the first time I have heard a doctor say, “That’s interesting…”

3 thoughts on “The Boot

  1. So sorry to hear of your medical mystery. Sounds like it might be contagious though. Michael indicated Amelia was suffering from boot envy. Let those boys wait on y’all.

  2. Welcome to my world, Amanda!! I have been a medical curiosity all my life, it seems. Nothing “normal” ever happens to me when it comes to injury or illness. I look at it this way…we are keeping the doctors on their collective toes!! ~ Please take it as easy as possible and follow the doc’s orders. Hoping you will be back to “normal” soon!! <3 <3 Aunt Cindie


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