New Perspectives

Since Michael and Amelia have been here I (Amanda) have been able to see things through their eyes a little bit. Last Sunday we went to Soul Purpose, the name of our youth group, and heard Alumni speak about their experiences going back to America. I could relate to almost everything they said, since I grew up as a missionary kid, but this time I was seeing it through the eyes of my friends.


Amelia, who just graduated from high school, told me how different her life was from the teens here. In the States she will go to the same college as her brother about five minutes from her house. Whereas here the teens will go back to a country and culture they are unfamiliar with, possibly far away from their family, and likely not see their senior class for many years to come. 

She also noted that she doesn’t have as many people and places to say goodbye to and even if she did she could just drive a short distance to see it all again.  Life here is certainly different.

Cleaning, although it happens all the time, is not the same as cleaning in the states. There is only so much you can do to keep your house clean, especially when you live on a main road that is unpaved. You can try your best to keep little critters out but they still fight their way in. (Just yesterday, our coffeemaker was overrun with ants.  What do you do?)

We continue to enjoy hearing the perspectives of someone who does not live here. Hopefully we are learning in the process.

Some new things they have enjoyed:

Fruit – Rambutan, pomalo (our form of grapefruit), fresh pineapple and bananas, passion fruit, and rhubarb.

Hiking – The weather is unpredictable these days. Even though it is supposed to be hot during the day and chilly at night the last week has been cloudy, cold, and rainy. The hike to Lone Tree began rainy, turned sunny upon their departure, and finished with a rainy mix. But they all seemed to enjoy this.

Taping – We were taped soon after their arrival. And last week, we took them taping too! (see photo above)

Something new Alan and I have learned is how to cook gluten free.


Thankfully…Michael and Amelia have been a big help in this area. Our community has really blessed us with bread, pizza dough, gluten free flour mix and so much more. We are so grateful!

2 thoughts on “New Perspectives

  1. Thanks for the more frequent posts! Glad that Amelia & Michael are having a big time and helping you out with your classes.

  2. I too am enjoying the more frequent posts. Keep em coming even after M&A leave. Hearing about daily life helps me picture what life there is like. Love to all!


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