More Merriment

After the mumu, we had a week of more typical Ukarumpa festivities (we use the term “typical” here lightly).

First, we held our 1st Annual Ukarumpa Cake Competition.  Basically, we asked a bunch of teens to make cakes and feed us one afternoon.  In return, we promised prizes for the best cakes, and served as official judges of Taste, Design, and Creativity.  Here are some of the entries:


In the end, we had eight cakes (though one fell apart on the journey to our house and the 8th wasn’t really a cake), over two dozen participants, and a joyous afternoon.


Next, we convinced Michael and Amelia to try some crocodile nuggets, home-battered and simply delightful.  (You will have noticed that food is a common theme here…)


The rest of the week was spent reliving our childhoods.  We played board games (which seem to be getting increasingly complex these days, note Amanda’s face in the picture below) and staged an all-out war with Knex (think Legos crossed with tinker-toys), complete with catapults and clothespins.




And now it’s back to just the two of us – preparing for the next school year and trying to keep the teens entertained over the longest break of the year.

2 thoughts on “More Merriment

  1. I absolutely LOVE sharing your ups and downs, joys and tears!! What a wonderful life you two have there and what important work for God!! Keep sending those great photos, too!! Love you guys…. Aunt Cindie

  2. Amellia is almost ready to come back. She misses the cakes, the games, the crocodile nuggets… but mostly her friends. Hope your anniversary was restful and joyous. Much love,


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