Winter or Summer?

Every year when the school break arrives, Americans and Australians in Ukarumpa reignite their age-old conflict: summer or winter? For Americans this is considered the summer break and for the Australians, the winter break. In the past I have always had a hard time saying “winter” in July but after two very chilly nights, I am with the Australians.


This time of year is considered the dry season. It has taken awhile for the weather to settle into the new season and as seasons here go, the timing is never consistent. The first two weeks of Michael and Amelia’s time with us it was rainy and cloudy. (That filled our water tank up.) The last two weeks were how they should be, hot and dry during the day and cold at night.

While my American friends and family have been pulling out their flip-flops and tank-tops we’ve been grabbing another blanket and a second layer of clothing. This morning we woke up and our noses were frozen. It’s a good thing it wasn’t a work day otherwise we’d be late for sure! I showed Alan that I could see my breath. My mom told me that it was 44 degrees when she woke up the day before.

I guess it’s time to heat up our fireplace – the only real “heater” in our house!

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