The 48 Hour Film Festival

Our last big teen event of the summer just wrapped up.  It was a 48 hour film festival, and it drew a much larger crowd than either of us anticipated.

The rules were simple: show up on Monday afternoon and pick a number out of a hat (a sombrero, in this case).  Take whatever props are on the chair with your number, and begin filming.  In 48 hours, turn in a finished short film.

I have to admit the props we offered were not the easiest ones to build a plot around.  They ranged from pirate hats (with an afro) to a wolf head (with the sombrero from before), and the actors from 7th to 12th graders.  Here’s a glimpse of the options:


Despite the awkward props, this year’s group of films were great fun.  One group told the story of a wayward ping pong ball (one of their props was a giant foot pillow):


Another involved demons being assailed by the sounds of Christian revival (and perhaps the most creative use of a prop: a rocker jamming on a peg leg):


And the final group (winner of the Best Special Effects category) included a green-screen explosion of Indiana Jones proportions:


With that, the summer is winding down.  School starts up for us next week, I take on my official duties as the head of the English department (affectionately named “English Head”), and Amanda moves up with last year’s class into a new room for Grade 3.

As much as we’ve enjoyed the break, we’re very much looking forward to being back in the classroom.

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