A Month in the Life

A good while back, I gave a glimpse of a day in the life of a missionary teacher in PNG, and now it’s high time to zoom out a bit and give a month in the life.

So here’s July in pictures:


A 4th of July celebration complete with floating lanterns.


Our second anniversary – every year we play a game of minigolf on our anniversary, and so far Amanda has won every time.


The next week, we played another round with our yard meri and her husband.  Keeping with tradition, I lost again.


At some point, we made guacamole with the world’s largest avocado.  DE-lightful.


Meanwhile, we received news from home, which may be best summarized by the picture above (that’s my very own mother, by the way, if it was unclear).

Despite the unfortunate fact that our jobs mean living away from friends and family for long stretches at a time, one real consolation is this: knowing that however much people may change locations or jobs, however much they have new experiences and new stories to tell, however much taller they grow (in the case of our nephews and nieces), we can always say, with confidence, “Fred is still Fred.  Mom is still Mom.”



We made our own cream cheese, since The Store (you’ll recall “there’s only one store”) was out of it for a few months.


And then some apple pie with little Gwendle-pop (our lovely niece).


Our haus meri made me my own bow and arrow set, and proceeded to teach me the tricks of the trade.  (I’m still learning.)



Amanda moved up to grade three and prepared for all her boisterous children.


And school began (more on that to come).

If there was ever any question – we do love it here.

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