A Job Well Done

Early this morning I watched my parents board one of our Kodiak aircrafts and fly away from overseas missions. After fourteen years serving in Colombia and fourteen years in Papua New Guinea (and a handful of years on furlough in the states), they feel the call to return to the JAARS center, in Waxhaw, North Carolina. There they will continue to serve Wycliffe Bible Translators in a variety of ways, after some time of adjusting.


It is strange to think of my parents living full time in the United States. I know it will be strange for them as well. The states has always been a “resting place” of sorts, calling other countries home since the eighties. This will be quite a change.

Many people have asked how I feel about them leaving. My parents have been talking about leaving the mission field for a few years now. When they finally made the decision it took awhile for it to really become a reality. I have always admired the way they make decisions: praying, making lists, taking time to search the scriptures. They are such godly examples. Although I will miss them, and already do, I am proud of them for following God’s leading even if it leads them to the unknown and unfamiliar.

If you think of them, please pray for their safe travels back to North Carolina. Pray for quick and smooth adjustment to life in America and their new jobs. Think of us here in Papua New Guinea where two holes are in need of being filled, though they will not be filled in the same way again.

3 thoughts on “A Job Well Done

  1. Ukarumpa will not be the same without them. I’ll never forget that your parents invited us for Christmas Day Dinner when we’d only been in Uka for a few weeks (back in 2002). They didn’t know us, but they knew that being new, we probably would be missing family. And over our remaining years there, your mom was always a smiling face, an encouraging voice, helpful in the Finance Office, a kind Sunday School teacher for the boys, and always willing to give me a ride up the hill. ;) I know that they will be missed by many!


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