A Tribute Poem


In honor of my parent’s time in PNG and Colombia, Alan and my sister Kelly put this little ditty together…

Bill and Debbie Wulff:
A Tribute to Their Time Abroad

Some five and thirty years ago,
Is when this tale began –
A farm-boy and a city-girl
They up and made a plan.

It started in the oddest place –
A little town called Norman.
They seemed a nice and normal pair
Before they went a-roamin’

But not too long thereafter
With toddlers in their train
There they were in Costa Rica,
Sleeping in the rain.

By summertime of ’85
Their bags were packed again
This time for Colombia
Their service to begin.

By day Bill worked on aircraft
And Debbie kept the books –
And all the while, they raised their kids,
Those messy little crooks.

For fourteen years they spent their days
On Lomalinda’s hills –
Serving, teaching, helping, loving –
Doing their Lord’s will.

Here we pause and take a break
Before we get all sappy.
We pause to tell a charming tale
About a dog named Taffy.

Now Debbie is the warmest soul
You’ll likely ever find –
But when it comes to jungle dogs
She struggles to be kind.

And yet one dark and cloudy day
When Taffy ate a frog –
And started foaming at the mouth
Good Debbie held this dog.

As Taffy quaked and shivered hard
Our mother stroked her head –
And when we woke the morrow morn,
Our Taffy was not dead.

After their first stint abroad
They heard another call
This time to the South Pacific
Once more, they gave their all.

Ukarumpa was the place
They spent their next few years –
Fourteen more, in fact, and now
The time has come to cheer.

We cheer for all their labor
We cheer for all they’ve done –
For Bill’s great laugh and Debbie’s smile –
For all the years of fun.

One thing we want to tell them
Before they finally go:
“We love you and we’ll miss you both –
Yes, more than you can know.”

3 thoughts on “A Tribute Poem

  1. So, so sweet. May God continue to bless and use them as they settle back in the states…and may y’all carry on their legacy of service and love wherever God leads. Love.


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