Once a year, in Ukarumpa, there is an Everything Sale. It is basically a huge yard sale. Throughout the year people donate things they don’t need (sometimes junk but not always) to the coordinator who puts everything together inside our Teen Centre Building.

There are mixed feelings about this event. Some love it. Others avoid it like the plague, thinking it’s just more stuff to clutter my house and too many people to bump into.

Alan and I, however, enjoy this event. We are pretty choosy though. Our targets: chapter books, puzzles, and games. I can usually find a nice selection of chapter books for my classroom, if we can get there early enough. So far we have racked in on games. Some are old but “classic” at least in our eyes: The Magnificent Race, Scotland Yard, Cribbage, Backgammon, and – my new favorite – Probe.

Probe is a word game, which normally I am not very fond, because, let’s face it, I’m a terrible speller. It’s basically Wheel of Fortune without the money. The first few times we played I chose words for Alan to guess with all the typical, normal letters (p, s, t, e, i, r). I was determined that some day, when I found an awesome word, we would play again and I would smoke him!




…I did!

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